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Customer service

In order to guarantee service,Zhangjiagang Huashen Industrial Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd.especially makes as following pledges;

1.Initiative coordination your firm on selecting and matching the conveyor belt.Frequently keeps the close contact with your firm to promotes the friendship.

2.In the process of production,the assessment of the company’s board of directors is responsible for the verification point,and confirm the contracotor based on the raw materials of the belt,and for each production working procedure and working procedure quality control point,focus on the personal full-time quanlity control on the whole process of random monitoring to meet your company’s quality requirement.

3.Meet your company’s goods time。Usually we prepares one month in supply to fully manifests our first-class service superiority,also we may send theresident external cooperation group for long-term track service if necessary to make your company on call when necessary,guaranted  not to affect your company’s production and project progress at any time as far as possible.

4.Sending our track man to the scene after shipment,carries on the inventory reassignment according to the request ,the entire process scene service,free training on the people who in charge of belt joint and using.

5.Undertaking the responsibility of manufacturequality at quality gurantee time;

6.The company continues to carry out:”Provides the high quality post –sale service for the customer,the top quality and first-class service is our inherent responsibilities”This post-sale idea.After the belt take into operation,we will listen to your valued suggestions in time,unceasingly improves the grade of service.Asists to solve the problems caused by non-manufacture side responsibility such as mechanical damage or misuse.

7.Reliably sets up the objective“ The customer first” ,to creat service brand and to do a good job as a supporting role in your company by our excellent quality and service.

8.Initiative cooperate and satisfy your company with your other related requests and desire as far as possible,to reach mutual benefit with your company by building good long-term relationship.

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