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The development direction of the industry of rubber industry in China
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China rubber belt industry development, from the focus on quality and service life, from the focus on product sales service to the product, sales, after-sales service, from the focus on short-term benefits to develop new areas of use, the pursuit of high value-added products, product structure to achieve a diversified development trend, the development of independent intellectual property rights, the implementation of scientific development concept, the development of circular economy, sustainable development.

In view of our country's comprehensive situation, in line with the national industrial structure development direction, is advantageous to the safe production, saves the resources, protects the environment, has the sustainable development the broad prospect. Therefore, the conveyor belt industry is bound to move towards energy saving, section material, safety, environmental protection type development. By rope, nylon, polyester, aramid fiber conveying as skeleton material with rapid development, pay more attention to improve impact resistance, anti tear, abrasion resistance, ozone resistance performance and service life; flame retardant has various uses of the conveyor belt, conveyor belt, environmental protection type closed light conveyor belt, conveyor belt, high angle strong lifting belt, heat resistant, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant conveyor belt and conveyor belt pattern functions and the special needs of the high strength conveyor belt will be developed rapidly, and gradually formed an important product conveying belt. At the same time, the development of circular economy has become a new subject in the development of the conveyor belt industry.

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