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High temperature resistant conveyor belt in the end can withstand the heat?
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High temperature conveyor belt is able to withstand the heat of the conveyor belt, we all know that conveyor belt is a rubber products, rubber surface and canvas sandwich, we use the facts tell you how high temperature conveyor belt in the end how to withstand a lot of heat.

Heat resistant conveyor belt is used three Yuan rubber coating, high temperature resistant canvas skeleton material adopts domestic special, unique formula design, solves the problem of EPDM high saturation, poor adhesiveness, low adhesion layer between the Guan Jian problem. Has the characteristics of light weight, long life and high heat resistance. Heat resistant conveyor belt is composed of multilayer rubber cotton canvas or canvas covered with polyester under high temperature or heat resistant rubber, high temperature vulcanization bonded together, suitable for conveying 175 DEG C hot coke, cement, slag and hot casting etc.

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