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Rubber fittings

      Flotation machine rubber fittings:Our factory had the earliest development and production,the model are most.The products have JJF、SF、KYF、BF、BS-K、CHF、X、A series flotation machine rubber impeller,the stator,the lap and so on  necessary products and long pumps,the slime pump,the rubber impeller and so on necessary products.

      Grinding machine rubber lining:widely used for the grinding machine rod mill,rubs machine, autogenous mill ,ewasher and so on in metallurgy,chemical light industry,cement,ceramics and so on,entire rubber lining is suitable for chemical,thecemtn,ceramic,the metallurgy’s twice grinding machines and again rubs machine uses,the compound grinding machine.The compound lining is suitable for one time of ball mill and rubs machine.

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