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Maintenance of wire rope core conveyor belt
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1, conveyor belt in transportation and storage, should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain, snow dip, to prevent the acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances in contact, and distance heating device a meter away.

2. The temperature of the warehouse should be maintained at -18 40, and the relative temperature should be maintained at 50-80%RH.

3, during storage, products must be placed into a roll, not folded, placed during turning once every quarter.

4, different types, specifications of the conveyor belt should not be used together, the best use of adhesive bonding method.

5, the type, structure, size, number of layers should be selected according to the conditions of use.

6, conveyor belt running speed is generally not large and 2.5 m / s, block degree large, wear large material and use of fixed plow type unloading device should be used as far as possible.

7, the transmission roller diameter and the conveyor belt conveyor belt Guan Di, transfer roller, to the roller and the supporting roller groove angle requirements should be based on the design requirements of transport aircraft, reasonable selection.

8, the feeding direction should be running direction of the belt to reduce impact on the tape falling material should be used when the chute, reduce material falling distance; tape feeding section should shorten the distance between rollers and the buffer roller, to prevent leakage, should use the block plate moderately soft side band, with excellent blocking plate avoid scratching, conveyor belt surface.

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