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Description of metal mesh core conveyor belt
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The metal net core conveyer belt is a kind of special metal net core used as anti burning formula of matrix material, specially designed for conveying belt made of plastic cover, can transport 200 to 800 DEG C high temperature material. The core of the core is the core of the metal helical net. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance, flame retardant, high tensile strength, small elongation, good groove, high strength of vulcanized joint, and easy operation. To solve the common conveyor belt core delamination occurs frequently, foaming, covering rubber block, the overall elongation, pulled off and disconnect the connectors and other problems can not continue to use the. The service life of the metal steel mesh core conveyor belt is 3-5 times of the ordinary high temperature resistant conveyor belt.


Widely used in metallurgy, cement, electric power, coal, mining, casting, chemical and other industries.

Type: metal mesh core conveyor belt of the model for the SN type;

Power: metal mesh core conveyor belt strength for SN400, SN600, SN800, SN1000, SN1250

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